1-room (ID 019)
1-room (ID 130)
1-room (ID 160)
2-room (ID 053)
2-room (ID 030)
2-room (ID 031)
2-room (ID 064)
2-room (ID 159)
3-room (ID 062)
3-room (ID 169)

+373 78-6534-78 (in English)
+373 690-91-151 (in Russian)


leo (madrid)
thank you for your hospitality!!!
Jan 9, 2015
Nataly (Great Britain)
Very nice apartments.
Apr 12, 2014
Диана ()
Приезжали на бальные танцы. Очень довольны приемом.
Apr 3, 2014
?рина (РФ)
Хочу сказать спасибо за все. Нам понравилось и обязательно будем останавливаться именно у вас.
Jan 13, 2014
Андрей (РФ)
Провели почти месяц в ID 130(сентябрь-октябрь). Всё очень прилично, описание квартиры соответствует истинному положению дел. Чисто, уютно. Горячая вода - автономно, как в санузле, так и на кухне. ?сключительно удачное месторасположение дома - центр города, две минуты до Центрального рынка (это если вразвалку), в ?аговой доступности все необходимые заведения (от пиццерии до фирменного Криковского магазина и торговых комплексов на любой вкус и ко?елёк). Транспортная развязка под боком. Высокоскоростной интернет, в квартире есть абсолютно всё, что может потребоваться в повседневной жизни. Тихо и спокойно. Тамаре - отдельное спасибо за позитив. В начале и середине 2014-го планирую вновь посетить Ки?инёв. Поэтому не прощаюсь - спи?емся.
Dec 3, 2013
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Welcome to Moldova and its capital Chisinau!

You want to rent an apartment in Chisinau on a per day basis directly from landlords with no middlemen or intermediary? This is just the place that you need!

You won`t have to pay commission fees to any middleman or real estate agency or pay through the nose.

We`d love to offer you a choice between several one, twoo and three room apartments on a per day basis in the centre of Chisinau directly from owners. All apartments have european-style remodelling, they are fully equipped with household appilances, have the Internet, air conditioners with winter-summer modes and other modern equipment. All apartments are situated in the neighbourhood, so if you arrived with your friends or family you can live close to them.

Did you know that real-estate agencies or intermidiary persons take from 25 up to 75% extra-fee for their services? You will not pay extra-fees with us!

And did you know that up to 90% announcements on the market belong to real-estate agencies? They offer the same apartments and just add their fee to owners' price.

Why it is better to rent an apartment in Chisinau than to book a hotel? Answer is very simple. It is much cheaper, but you receive the same quality. Also you don't depend on breakfast time in hotel and don't need to hurry up back in the hotel in the evening to be in time for supper.


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